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We offer not only survey of the castle and exhibitions but also rent of rooms for different social and other parties and celebrations. The first waltz for the newly married and having champagne with guests is the most popular in the castle.

Florist`s and room designer`s services are offered, room acoustic sounding.

The park has become a popular walking place. It is possible to organize different out-of-door parties and enterprises, celebrations.

You can slao buy different souvenirs in the castle.

Service costs:

Survey of the castle and exhibitions:
  • adults – 1 €
  • school children, students, retired and people with special needs – 0,30 €

Excursions (with former coordination)
  • 9 €

Hall rent for undertakings (up to 50 persons per hour, VAT not included)
  • 50 € (fee adjustable on agreement)

Rent of park territory (up to 30 persons per hour, VAT not included)
  • 35 €
For every additional person per hour
  • 0,70 € from person

Detailed information about excursions and organization of undertakings on the phone: 64492054, 29450883, 29468334